Not Evil Just Wrong posted a video of Josh Fox being asked questions regarding previous knowledge of flaming sinks prior to fracking and Josh liked it so much that a copyright claim was used to get the video taken off of youtube. He will likely do the same on Vimeo, but for now you can watch it here. For the record this video should fall under fair use which makes legal to use a clip from josh fox’s film.

Should the video be removed from Vimeo you can try these mirror links. Most video players should be able to play the file. Make sure to credit Not Evil Just Wrong if you happen to re-post anything.
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3

How this story relates to North Dakota:
In North Dakota shallow natural gas has been found in 52 of 53 N.D. counties, and even though hundreds of oil wells are fracked every year it is unlikely that any of the discovered gas can be related to oil companies in anyway. The gas was discovered using old water wells in ares that are both near and far from active oil fields.

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