Lately, I have been slacking on writing blog posts, but I do think that most people who come to this site are missing the point. This web site is meant to generate interaction between people with similar interests (The blog and information portion is more of a side show). Please become a member of our forum and check out the job site. If you happen to work for a company in the Willison Basin, please let your HR people know that the job site exists. Unlike most job sites, ours currently and will always operate for free. Companies are encouraged to link to their regular hiring services.

In other news, the rig counts page has been modified so that it will only display companies that are actually drilling. There have been layout changes in every section of the site, but most people will not notice much difference. That said a few sections were widened so old monitors might have a little trouble fitting everything on the page. Please let us know if anything has become unreadable due to the changes.

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